I've always wanted to be fit...I've started so many times & as soon as I start seeing results I just quit! I started this blog right after I turned 30. I am now almost 32. I’ve had some ups & downs since I started. I’ve never completely reached my goal though. Currently, I weigh more than I ever have before. Now I’m starting over…again. I'm using this blog to track my status, and I feel that if it is documented then I'll be more accountable for it.
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3lbs down!

I lost 2lbs this week bringing my overall loss to 12lbs in just over a month! I’ve been really trying to do this “the right way” through healthy eating & regular exercise. I’m really proud of my progress so far but I’ve still got a long way to go!!

I started at 192lbs and I’m now at 180lbs even. I’m 5’8” tall and so I really need to be in the 160 range. I’m getting there and I already feel 100% better physically & mentally!!!

One month of nothing but progress!!

So about a month ago I decided to change my lifestyle in an effort to stop or at least lower my acid reflux/heartburn issues. Obviously, I could control it with medicine, but I really wanted to be med-free. I’m only 30-ish and so the thought of taking daily medication doesn’t sit well with me. So…I haven’t eliminated anything from my diet but I have set limits for myself! I’ve tried to limit as much fried/fast food as possible, giving myself a once a week allowance on that, I’ve also limited my sweet tea intake to about once or twice a week versus several glasses daily, and I’ve also lowered my overall sugar intake. I’ve found that sugar is one of my biggest triggers…cakes, candy bars, etc literally burn me up. On top of all that, I read that exercise is a great way to combat reflux & heartburn…so I started running again. In the month that I’ve been doing this I’ve maybe had reflux/heartburn 2-3 times. I’ve taken a total of maybe 5 tums versus 5 per day before. Also as of today I’ve lost 10lbs!! I feel a million times better overall & I’m sleeping better than ever! I don’t dread laying down at night & I’ve got so much more energy throughout the day. The moral of the story is you only get one life & one body…It can be as good or as bad as you want it to be. Our time is limited so make the most of it!